Multicultural Greek Council

"Greek Unity and Cultural Diversity"

In support of the mission of the George Washington University, the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) serves to coordinate the activities of its member chapters, promote involvement in Greek Life, support the development of individual chapters, enhance cultural awareness, and encourage collaboration and communication throughout the Greek community. Please use the contact information below for individual council officers and organizations. 

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The MGC invites you to explore our GW chapters by clicking the links below.

President: Nathan Weaver
Recruitment: Xavier Adomatis
Fraternity, Inc.
President: Yash Adroja
National Website
Chapter Website
Sorority, Inc.
President: Sally Pak
President: Jennifer Gomez
National Website 


Fraternity, Inc.
President: Eric Li
Chapter Website
President: Samantha Polanco
President:Olivia Zhai