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Depending on the chapter and its Governing Council, there are a variety of ways to join a fraternity or sorority at GW:
Interfraternity Council
The Interfraternity Council uses a structured recruitment process that encourages interested men to learn about all 14 chapters before receiving a bid. A full schedule of IFC and Chapter events will be posted at the start of each semester.
Multicultural Greek Council
The member chapters of the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) began their "Intake" process with informational sessions during the fall semester. Each chapter's process is independent of the others and, in most cases, chapters will not accept new members during their first semester at GW. The MGC includes NPHC chapters, NALFO chapters, and NAPA chapters among others.
Panhellenic Association
The 11 chapters of the Panhellenic Association work closely together on a formal recruitment process early in the fall semester. This is a highly structured, mutual selection, process that occurs over four days in the fall. Interested women must register with Panhellenic prior to the start of formal recruitment. Formal Panhellenic recruitment will occur again the following fall though some organizations may participate in an informal recruitment which will occur during the begining of spring.

IFC Recruitment


MGC Recruitment & Intake


Panhellenic Recruitment

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