From the Desk of the IFC President

Our Mission is Simple: to Advocate, Collaborate, and Educate!

Dear Colonials,
Welcome to the George Washington University! There is a lot in store for you over the next four years and it's incredibly important that you take advantage of as many opportunities to grow, learn, and succeed as possible. One such opportunity comes in the form of Greek Life here at GW. After your first semester, you will have the opportunity to join an organization that has been producing leaders for over one hundred years and a community that has thrived, not only through service to each other, but to all who surround us.
Joining a fraternity will be a new experience for many. When I was a freshman, I knew that I wanted to rush, but I had little to no idea how to go about finding the right group for me. Luckily for me and my peers, the recruitment process at GW allowed for clear communication between prospective members and the Interfraternity Council, providing guidance and clearing up any confusion.
The Interfraternity Council is the organization that represents the social men’s fraternities at GW. Our expressed mission is simple: to advocate, collaborate, and educate. It is our job to organize and regulate fall and spring recruitment, drawing upon the best candidates to join the largest constituent of students at this university.
Joining Greek Life at GW is a fun and exciting opportunity that provide students with countless benefits that they would otherwise not have access to. Fraternities aim to facilitate academic growth, service opportunities, and leadership development. The skills acquired and the networking opportunities that will be available to you will not only guide you through your time at GW, but will stay with you through graduation and beyond. 
It is not that easy to find the right fraternity for you. Choosing between the many groups on campus can be difficult at times, so it is extremely important to get out there and explore the opportunities offered across all chapters on campus. Some may cater to your interests more than others, or offer advantages that others do not. But you will never know which ones do and which ones do not if you don’t make the effort to visit as many as you can. Our recruitment process is open and casual, and you are free to visit multiple chapters during their open invitation events at the beginning of the process. I encourage you to research, ask questions, and truly determine which chapter is best for you.
Joining a Greek organization will no doubt be one of the biggest and most influential decisions you will make in your early life/college career at GW and it remains an integral part of my undergraduate experience. My hope is that you will partake in this experience as well. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me ([email protected]) or any member of the IFC Executive Board.
Jacob Schafer
Jacob Schafer
President, IFC 2018


Interfraternity Council

Each fraternity is devoted to the promotion of friendship, academic excellence, athletics, and community service.

Governance Councils

The Fraternity & Sorority Life community at GW consists of 39 fraternities and sororities that belong to 4 different councils and a leadership honor society for its members.